Making Space: Diversity and Inclusion Through Music and Movement

Four interactive workshops.
Six hours of PD credit.
One amazing webinar series.

In honor of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, join the Inouye Family for a four-part practicum centered around teaching the stories of others in the classroom. The Inouye Family will share their postmemories of WWII Japanese internment camps and ideas for using music, movement, and stories to experience diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom.  

How can we include diverse texts and media without appropriating them? How do we honor other voices without usurping them? In this interactive online series, learn how to listen, make space, and exercise due diligence to transmit stories outside of your own experiences.

Session 1

LISTEN:  Engage with our family’s story of the Japanese-American incarceration during WWII.

Session 2

with panelists Emily Huey and Emily Mitarai

MAKE SPACE: Open your heart and mind to perspectives that are not your own. Ask questions and gain new understanding and compassion.

Session 3

with panelists Emily Huey, Melissa Inouye and Emily Mitarai

REACH OUT, DIG IN: Learn how to do your due diligence in researching your subject through primary and secondary sources. A little effort goes a long way. 

Session 4

SYNTHESIZE: Honor your position and privilege as a teacher to make choices about how to present other voices to your students. Trust that your findings will inspire powerful ways to share the story through music and movement.

All registrants will receive notes, slides, and access to shared lesson plans. In addition to the materials, all registrants will be provided access to a recording of the workshop.

A certificate for 6 Professional Development hours can be requested upon completion.

Hello friends,

Looking forward to sharing our family's story and having a conversation with you about sharing stories in respectful and inclusive ways. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes for moving, find a nice, quiet space you can settle into, and have a journal and pen close by to record your embodied musings and insights.

Mika, Mei Li, Ben, Sarah, and Seidi

Making Space: Diversity and Inclusion through Music and Movement


One-time payment

All registrants will receive access to the workshop recordings and downloadable materials.

A certificate of completion for 6 hours can be provided to participants who request one for professional development hours.


Workshop Instructors:

Mika Inouye is a performing artist and educator in Durango, Colorado. She is founding president of Four Corners Orff Chapter, movement instructor at the Los Angeles County Orff Course, and member of 20MOONS Dance Theatre. She presents Orff-Schulwerk workshops nationally, teaches K-6 music and movement, and performs as a solo and collaborative pianist with 3rd Ave. Arts.

Mei Li Inouye is an Assistant Professor of Chinese at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky with a PhD in Chinese literature from Stanford University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University. Her research interests include the intersections of gender, performance, and power; materia, migration (motion), and memory; and issues of egalitarian exchange.

Benjamin Inouye, M.Ed., is an 8th grade English teacher at Yuma Middle School in Yuma School District 1. He received his bachelor's degree (English Teaching) from Brigham Young University and his master's degree (Literacy: Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Texas at Arlington. Ben's roles within the district are various and sundry: teacher, wrestling coach, cross country coach, bus driver, and advisor to the Anime Club. As a Community Liaison for University of Colorado, he supports teachers in the Teacher Leadership tracks. He and his beautiful wife, Beth, are blessed with four little rays of sunshine.

Sarah Inouye-Mano teaches early childhood music and movement classes, has presented at AOSA national conferences, and is past president of Utah Orff Chapter. She has bachelor's and master's degrees in piano performance and is a nationally certified piano teacher through Music Teachers National Association. Sarah is a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT).

Seidi Inouye Bennett has bachelor's and master's degrees in Piano Performance and recently presented at the 2021 AOSA conference. She has performed as a singer and dancer internationally. She currently performs with Inouye Sisters Six Hands and is working on a project to research, perform, and teach the unique genre of six-hand repertoire to students and teachers. She resides in Springville, Utah with her husband and six children.

Emily Inouye Huey, author, college creative writing instructor
Melissa Inouye, author, historian, professor, activist
Emily Mitarai, elementary school teacher, teacher facilitator, diversity council


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